About our Program

This is Trumble Park's HAL ( High Ability Learners) program, offering unique opportunities to kids, 3rd-6th grades, with high intelligence. All the kids choose their own subject, topic, and media, then research and develop a final product to share with a class, the school, or even the world! In this case, one of our students has been studying mythologies of many ancient cultures all over.... Welcome to Mythology Around the World!

October 8th: Wow, the site's been stagnant all summer! I think I'll work on the Norse gods (online by Monday, I hope). I'm also going to add a popular monsters page. Greek vampires, anyone?

If you use our site for a project or report, please cite us as a source. We need all the links we can get.

Trumble Park HAL is not responsible for any information found by linking outside of this site.

Our current topics: (Click on a name to go to that page.) 

Greek mythologyGods and goddesses, Mortals, Other characters, Twelve Labors of Heracles

Egyptian Mythology: Gods and goddesses, Creation myths of Egypt

Aztec Mythology: Gods and goddesses, The Five Suns,

Phoenician Mythology: Gods and Goddesses

Aboriginal peoples

Norse Mythology: Gods and Goddesses, Creation Myth, The Nine Worlds, Rangarok 

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